RufDiamond - Access Granted

RufDiamond ltd. vehicles and equipment are designed and built to withstand the harshest of conditions. Proudly displaying excellent performance, efficiency and ultra-reliable design.



From the beginning, RufDiamond LTD. machines were designed for extreme operations. The incentive for our team has always been to simplify the work for our customers while concurrently enhancing safety. Based on this foundation, we have formulated a motto that sums up our mission:

Deeds Not Words

Shaping the future together. Values are at the core of our company - they not only guide our conduct but also how we deal with customers and suppliers. Values are more than just words - they are the guidelines for our daily actions.

In order to put the spirit of RufDiamond LTD. into practice every day, as a company, we are working intensively on becoming the best partner and employer. For this, we have formulated guidelines for the behaviours and measures that support our values and are continuously taking steps in order to strengthen these.

RufDiamond Values

  • Teamwork - Collaborate, have fun and together we go further

  • High Quality - What we do, we do well

  • Customer Focus - Know your customer inside out

  • Trustworthy - We stick to our word​

  • Creativity and Innovation - We love ideas, openness and transparency

  • Leadership - Aim high and empower your team

  • Efficiency - Work smarter, be happier

Through the definition of these values and guiding principles, we are creating the preconditions for ourselves and our customers for a clear long-term perspective, which harmonizes ecology and economy. We use the entire potential and synergies of our globally active Group of companies in order to develop forward-looking solutions, which guarantee our customers lasting success, even in challenging situations.

Green Forest
Green Forest


Vehicles and equipment are getting more and more powerful, nimble and versatile – and they are raising the standard in terms of efficiency and environmental responsibility. RufDiamond Fat Trucks and Agilis vehicles are the perfect solutions wherever technological requirements and respect for nature are particularly important.


CLEAN ACTION by RufDiamond is a pioneering philosophy, which is not only synonymous with low energy consumption and sustainable environmental protection but also partners with vehicles boasting efficiency, excellent performance, and long service life.

Our commitment to a green future is coming to life as we are in the process of developing a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) for the Agilis Underground.


Agilis Mining Unit

Agilis Underground

Fresh, accessible shotcrete underground with little to no waste, when and where you need it


Agilis Surface

Bring fresh shotcrete/concrete anywhere inaccessible to traditional wheeled vehicles thanks to the Agilis tracked unit. 


Fat Truck

Access previously inaccessible locations safely and efficiently with little disturbance to the environment