FatTruck Training
Professional Certification Course

This training course teaches operators the capabilities and limitations of the vehicle, how best to operate the vehicle in various conditions and how to use good judgement in any situation, all while doing so in the safest way possible.
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Training Evaluation

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1. Theory Phase

Students participate in an interactive and engaging learning environment that covers all of the safety features and capabilities of the fat truck ®. Students are taught daily maintenance, pre-operational maintenance, environmental safety/protection and land stewardship.

2. Practical Maintenance Phase

Students are taught how to conduct a thorough pre-drive inspection, maintenance and end-of-shift shutdown procedures. Safety and preventive maintenance are taught and tested.

3. Practical Driving Phase - Controlled

Students are taught all aspects of operational driving that are built on safety and comprehension. This is the phase where the student and instructor operate the fat truck ® in a highly controlled environment.

4. Practical Driving Phase Field

Students are then taken to real-world off-road situations. Trails, mud, inclines and declines build the students’ confidence for the next phase.

5. Heavy Off-Road Conditions Phase

Students are exposed to demanding off-road situations. Thick mud (gumbo), muck, muskeg, swamps, ponds and water challenge the students with an instructor right beside them.

6. Certified

After theory and practical tests are conducted, successful students are presented with a professional signed certificate. The Norcat database securely protects all student data.