Your Safety is Priority One

Ronald Richards

In demanding terrains and harsh weather conditions, which can disrupt timely task completion, the RufDiamond Fat Truck Series employs deliberate industrial design and cutting-edge technology to enhance predictability in remote settings. Prioritizing safety above all else, we integrate an adaptable digital inclinometer that delivers both visual and audible alerts. Each model is built with a Certified ISO 3471 Roll- Over Protection Structure (ROPS) to safeguard the vehicle from heavy damage and avoid injuries during unforeseen accidents.

Moreover, the Fat Truck features a layered climate control system, ensuring workers wearing PPE remain comfortable in extreme weather conditions. These trucks also come equipped with pre-warming features, enabling them to start in the harshest arctic environments. The ultra-comfortable ergonomic seats enhance worker comfort and well-being.

Furthermore, the RufDiamond Fat Truck, proudly designed and manufactured in Canada, adheres to the strictest North American safety standards. Mother Nature has rigorously tested it in the Arctic, desert, and jungle, emerging victorious in every challenging environment. Maintenance or repairs can be executed directly from the climate-controlled cabin, ensuring the safety and comfort of personnel in adverse environmental conditions. Exceptional comfort surpasses expectations, no matter your seating position. Every aspect of these robust giants has undergone rigorous testing to deliver unparalleled reliability and peace of mind.


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